Black Seed Oil Liquid Drops

Support your immune system and heart health with our Pure Black Seed Oil from Drops Of Nature.

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Hair, Skin, and Nail Support

Black seed oil does more than just fortify your immune system. The natural amino acids and fatty oils can also impact hair vibrance, nail strength, and skin elasticity.

A Daily Boost You’ll Love

Our concentrated oil drops can be placed under the tongue or mixed in with a cup of coffee, milk, tea, or other beverage to help optimize your wellness in delicious new ways.

Advanced Immune System Booster

This pure Turkish oil formula contains the perfect balance of amino acids and antioxidants to fortify your immune defense and keep your body ready to take on changes in temperatures or allergy season.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Organic Black seed oil also contains essential fatty acids and Omega 3, 6, and 9 vitamins which are integral for promoting good heart health, supporting digestive health, and even keeping skin and hair vibrant.

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Pure black seed oil goes beyond fortifying your immune system it may also help with reducing joint and muscle inflammation which can impact paint management, mobility, and physical activity.

Premium Mixed Berry Flavor

This Nigella Sativa Black seed oil is not only packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins it comes in a smooth mixed berry flavor to make it easier to add to your daily health regimen.

Fast, Efficient Bioavailability

Unlike pills, gummies, or capsules that are broken down in your digestive system our liquid black seed oil is sublingual that absorbs faster for more effective support.

Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Vegan Friendly

Drops Of Nature Black Seed Oil offers reliable immune system support without harsh additives which makes it a high-quality superfood that’s safe, effective, and fits your diet plan.

How to Use:

Take 1-2 droppers daily. Enjoy the wild berry flavor by applying directly under your tongue or add it to your morning coffee or smoothie! Be sure to use the drops on a daily basis in order to enjoy the full benefits. 

Our 2 ounce bottles contain a 30-day supply.